The City of Holstein is one of the rare few communities in Iowa to offer a taxi service.  The Taxi prides itself in offering multiple services as well as driving for a wide range of individuals.  The Taxi drives for many individuals that no longer drive and makes it possible for them to keep their independence.  They can make multiple stops like hair appointments, groceries, clinic, chiropractor, or any other business or residence in town.  The taxi also drives school-age children from home/daycare to school, extra school activities, summer activities (such as swim lessons, VBS, dance, etc.) or other places while the parents are working.  Extra services offered include running errands for customers such as delivering groceries, picking up mail, banking or library needs, etc.  The highlight of the Taxi Service is a peace of mind for the community knowing they have options to make their lives easier at a very nominal fee.  The Taxi is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm. It drives any place within the city limits. Contact City Hall to schedule a taxi ride:  712-368-4898.

Book of 10 Tickets - Adults:  $45.00
Book of 10 Tickets - Children:  $25.00
Adult Individual Tickets - $5.00

Taxi Driver/Meter Reader - Pam Kay 
I graduated from Galva-Holstein High School.  I started working for the City in July 2012 driving taxi three days a week with office duties in-between taxi rides and monthly water meter reading.

Taxi Driver/Meter Reader - Fran Leonard 
I moved to the Holstein area over thirty-six years ago when I met and married my husband Keith.  We have two sons, a daughter-in-law and two grandchildren.  I started working for the City in June 2012 and I thoroughly enjoy my job driving taxi two days a week with office duties in-between taxi rides and monthly water meter reading.  I especially enjoy the Holstein area and the fellowship of a “smaller Hometown” community.