Mayor - Kathy Breyfogle  – TERM EXPIRES 12-31-2023

City Council

Rod Regennitter – TERM EXPIRES 12-31-2023
I have lived in Holstein my entire life. My wife, Holly and I have six children.   I currently work for the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship.  I ran for Council because I want to support the best needs for our taxpayers.  Infrastructure is a must and continuing improvements to roads and parks are goals for the community.  Job growth is always a high priority also.

Terri Schimmer – TERM EXPIRES 12-31-2023
I am a lifelong resident of Holstein. Raised on a farm north of Holstein and a town girl since 1979.   I am a Registered Nurse at Cherokee Regional Medical Center since 1979 and currently working as the Risk Manager and Patient Advocate. I am married to Leo Schimmer and together we have 4 children and 6 grandchildren.  I do feel Holstein has so much to offer in a smaller, safe community setting.  I hope to see us continue to grow in the areas of business, retail, professional services, housing, and recreation.  I have a particular interest in keeping Holstein well maintained and attractive both from commercial to private property ownership.  The opportunities are endless and I appreciate being a part of the city council and making good things happen for Holstein.     

Bonnie Stevenson – TERM EXPIRES 12-31-2023
I was born and raised in the Holstein area and moved back in 1998.  I am currently a Sales Administrator at VT Industries.  My husband Dave and I have six children and six grandchildren.  I ran for Council because I didn’t like the direction where the community was going.  I am a firm believer that if you don’t like something you need to do something to fix it.  My goals for the City are to keep Holstein safe and prosperous and to support the businesses that are in our community.

Jamison Voss – TERM EXPIRES 12-31-2025
My wife Madeline and I moved back here in 2020 from Des Moines.  Though we hadn’t lived here since we graduated in 2008, we knew we wanted to move back to raise our three little girls in a small town community and be closer to family.  I work remotely as a Software Engineer for FanThreeSixty, a sports marketing company based in Kansas City.  I wanted to join the City Council as a way to dive back into the community.  I hope to bring a fresh voice to the Council and help continue the great work that has been done for our city.

Christine Wiese – TERM EXPIRES 12-31-2025
I was born and raised in Holstein; left in 1966 after graduating from Morningside College; lived and worked in Denver  CO; and returned here in the early 70`s.  I have been retired from VT Industries for seven years. I raised my three children as a single parent in my home town because I considered it to be a safe and secure environment.   I want to keep it that way.   Community service has always had a prominent place in my life.  I want to continue in that vein by doing my best for the citizens of Holstein as a member of the City Council.


Administration & Personnel                                                   Jamison Voss & Terri Schimmer

East Ridge Lot Sales/ Fouts 1st Addition Promotion              Regennitter & Jamison Voss

Finance & Claims                                                                   Bonnie Stevenson & Christine Wiese

Mayor Pro-Tem                                                                      Terri Schimmer

Mayor Pro-Tem Alternate                                                       Rod Regennitter

Pool & Parks                                                                          Terri Schimmer & Christine Wiese

Streets & Alleys (Trees)                                                         Bonnie Stevenson & Rod Regennitter

Utilities (Water, Sewer, Cable TV)                                          Jamison Voss & Bonnie Stevenson